Physical Therapy & Fitness Services in Lino Lakes MN

Are You Missing Your Workouts, Runs, Or Other Activities You Love Because Of Pain?
Have You Tried Everything To Fix It, But Feel Let Down?

Don’t sacrifice your active lifestyle by missing out on the sports and workouts you love over problems that can be fixed. That’s why we made this just for you. We help active people in the Twin Cities return to the activities they love without unnecessary pain meds, injections, or surgery!

Resonance Performance Solutions

Here at Resonance Performance Solutions, we specialize in assessing and correcting faulty movement patterns that lead to decreased performance from our bodies and prescribing specific activities to improve performance. We offer services that take you from being in pain to performing your best. If you have any questions about any of our services, just request to talk to a Physical Therapist today!
If we find that you need additional treatment, we'll bring you in for a full workup based on your wants, needs, and the results of our analysis.

Phyical Therapy

Getting It Fixed
Getting It Fixed

get back to your workouts

Performance Training

Ramping It Up
Ramping It Up

exercise the right way

Nutrition Coaching

Eat Right
Eat Right

the right food for fuel

Need Some Tips To Get Relief Right Now?

Back Pain Guide
Neck Pain Guide
Running Injuries Guide
Knee Injuries Guide
Hip Injuries Guide
Jaw Pain Guide
Ask About Our Additional Services

Running Analysis

Learn to Run Without Injury
Learn to Run Without Injury

walk first, then run

Cardio Metabolic Analysis

VO2 Max & Metabolic Analysis
VO2 Max & Metabolic Analysis

breath right

Wellness Coaching

Be & Live Healthy
Be & Live Healthy

live right
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